What is a Wireless Network?


A wireless LAN (local-area network) is a network set up by using radio waves/radio signal frequencies to communicate and connect with devices like laptops, tablets, computers and to the Internet. This allows information to be shared wirelessly among wireless devices and its applications. It is also refered to as a WiFi network, WLAN (wide area network) and 4G data network.  


What makes this type of network found just about everywhere these days, in the home, business, cafe, coffee shops, fast food restaurants and hotels is its easy setup features. The most popular feature being no cabling required from room to room, between devices. This means that you can connect up any laptop, tablet, computer and printer anywhere in your home without cables.

So how does a wireless home network work anyway? Here's a quick and simple way to look at it.


First your Cable/DSL modem receives encoded information from your ISP Internet Service Provider and sends it to the connected wireless router. Your wireless router than sends the encoded information to your wireless computer devices, on your home network, through a radio signal transmission. Each of your wireless computer devices equipped with a wireless adapter will receive the transmitted information and decode the binary data. This allows you to see the text and images displayed in clear, understandable and readable format and not in some computer code of ones and zeros.

A quick look at a typical basic home network setup

 home network and networking computing diagram


Now keep in mind that there are several popular technologies that are used, to connect your home network to high speed Internet. They are provided by your ISP Internet Service Provider; BroadBand Cable, DSL, Uverse and 4G. No matter which one you subscribe to, they will all work with your wireless network.