Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)
with Microsoft Windows


Very often people want to share there Internet in their home network without adding more expense. This can be done by using Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) within Microsoft Windows without buying a new router. This is an inexpensive way to share Internet connection at home.

In your home you might have one wired Ethernet connection for Internet access or even just one 3G or 4G celluar data modem, but have several devices that you want to be able to go online. Than you might just find Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) as an alternate solution in connecting up your home network.

A nice plus on this, is that Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 supports this approach without any additional software purchases. Basically how it works is putting together a single computer set up with 2 network cards installed in it. One network card in the computer connects via ethernet cable to your Internet modem and the other card connects to your home network. This computer is than enabled with ICS through Windows software and is than refered to as your ICS host computer.

Now What?

Ok, so far so good, right? Well, it really does get a lot simpler from here, so just hang on a little longer. The main concept to grab a-hold-of at this time, is that your ICS host computer will act just like a router (a traffic cop) to route Internet traffic to and from, other computers to the Internet. It's that simple.