How Laptops Work


How laptops work is simpler than you might think. What makes a computer a laptop? A few parts all put together as one portable and mobile computer that can be taken anywhere. This is how laptops work and what makes them a portable computer. A few small computer laptop parts working together.

how laptops work and laptop parts

 Note: The motherboard is also inside the case.



You can take it on the road, take it to the beach, take it to the office, take it to the classroom or even take it with you while you are taking care of your personal business in the bathroom.  The choice is always yours.  My point is, that its your personal mobile computer that gives you the freedom to go anywhere and still be able to get your spreadsheet done, play your favorite game, watch your favorite movie or surf the internet wherever and whenever you choose.  Where as a desktop computer keeps you chained to a desk in a small room or office.  Life does not get any better than having a computer that travels with you.

What laptop parts and computer components make a laptop light enough to be portable?  To be carry under your arm, all without even straining a muscle?  Take a look at the list. 

Laptop Parts and Components:

  • monitor LCD (liquid crystal display) screen 
  • mini-keyboard 
  • a pointing device that acts as a mouse 
  • hard drive for data storage 
  • CD/DVD drive to play your favorite movies :) 
  • mother board that sends instructions to the CPU 
  • memory modules that keeps data in temp storage 
  • CPU (Central Processing Unit) the computer brain 
  • speakers for listen to music or voice 
  • battery power for portable travel 
  • hard plastic case/cover to keep the laptop parts in. 


It is amazing how few computer parts are really needed to make a computer light and mobile. Of course, it does help to make them small enough to all fit inside a small computer case. Cases come in many different colors to match your style, personally and even the cloths you are wearing for the day. However, only a few of us can own more than one or two laptops. Perhaps if you are a women with plenty of money you could buy a different color laptop for each different pair of color shoes you have in your closet. For the rest of us, we are happy with one color laptop that works well and is a color that best fits our style and personally. Of course, don't forget that if it looks good but has no decent computing performance it might as well stay in the closet!  


  Hopefully this gave you some insight as to how laptops