Information About This Site


First, thanks for coming to my website site. I like seting up a home network and I've been doing computer networking for a good number of years. I have used and played with all kinds of computers, laptops and networking compontants like, network hub, router, modem, switch, network card, ethenet card, ethernet cable,  tablets, printers and all kinds of wireless hardware devices.

To help you figure out about computer networking and a home network is this sites sole purpose.

I've learned a lot over the years about computer networking and I'm sharing it with you on this website. It's presented in the most user friendly way that I know how. I'm sure my home network help site will allow you to perform a home network setup quickly and with ease.

Thanks for coming by and visiting this site! I'm constantly adding new and updated information weekly, so keep coming back for more helpful computer networking knowledge. 

Life's all about computers, laptops, tablets and home networking,