How to Make your Computer Faster
Part 2

Disk Defragmentation

Disk defrag is ran on your hard drive. Whenever files are created, deleted or changed they almost always become fragmented.  Simply put, the file is not stored in one place. Bits of it are scatter across different places on your hard drive. This means it takes longer to retrieve information from your hard drive...hence slowing down your computer.  To fix this and speed up your computer storage retrieval you can run a defragmentation program. 

How to run defrag:

  • Start | All Programs | Accessories | System Tools | Disk Defragmenter 

I recommend you run disk defrag at least once a month on your computer laptop and your computer desktop.

Stop Unnecessary Startup Programs

Stop those unneeded programs that startup when your computer boots up.  Just about every program that gets installed on your computer, seems to want to start up when your computer starts up.  This slows down your laptop computer very quickly and quite dramatically.  They slow down your computer during shut downs and start ups.  They also eat up valuable computer memory that you could being using for programs that you really want to use.

So go through your computer programs that you have installed one by one.  Go to their program preferences or program options and uncheck automatic program startup.  You can also run a free Windows utility program called " MSCONFIG " to stop some programs from automatically starting up. 

How to access MSCONFIG:

  • Start | Run | and type MSCONFIG in the Open line. Click OK 

You will be very surprise to see an incredible difference in your laptop computer speed.  But only after you eliminate those unnecessary startup programs. 

Unclogged Your Windows Registry

Everything and I mean everything that is ever installed or uninstalled on your computer is listed in the Windows registry.  Your computer registry grows like one hungry monster and never stops eating.  And it never goes on a diet.  It retains everything forever.  The bigger it gets the slower your computer will get.  It just gets so clogged up that it even gets corrupted causing computer errors.  Or just gets so clogged up that some programs will even stop working.  The congested Windows registry will slow down your computer constantly until you perform a clean up and... Don't wait until your computer crashes before doing a registry cleanup.  The best free way to clean up your computer registry is to run a free registry scanner and cleaner like " Registry Clean Up ".