How Does a Cable Modem Work?


Every Internet home network has a DSL or Cable modem.  It receives data information signals and translates that signal into data that your computer can decode and display on your computer screen. Every time you surf the Internet from your laptop computer, desktop computer, Tablet, or Smart TV you are sending encoded information to
and from your modem and to or
from your computer.

When you want to connect your home network to the Internet you will need a DSL modem or Cable modem. They are the fastest way to to connect to your ISP Internet Service Provider. You could use a DSL modem or a Cable modem. It just depends on rather you subscribe to DSL ISP service or Cable ISP service for your internet connection.

 Cable Modem

Internet Cable Modem

 DSL Modem

Internet DSL modem


Internet modems work together on a home network with other devices like a wireless router and network switches.

Cable modems have a big advantage over DSL modems. They provide constant speed numbers no matter hard far away the customer is from there ISP Internet Service Provider. This means that if you are 50 feet or miles away you still get good constant Internet speed. DSL customers on the other hand do not. The further away from the customer is from there ISP the more decrease in constant speed thery will see. Hence, DSL modem service provides slower Internet service speeds than cable modem services does.