How to Create a Homegroup Windows 7


Let us take a look at how to create a homegroup for Windows 7, so that you can share files, documents, photos, music, videos and printers with other Windows users fast and easy. This feature is the easist way to share files between 2 or more Windows computers on your home network. Virtually within minutes you will be all set up and ready to go. 

Sharing files across your home network has never been easier by using the homegroup feature in Windows 7. It is simple....YES! What you will need is a computer running Windows 7 Home Premium version or above to create the homegroup. All Windows 7 computers will be able to join the homegroup reguardless of the Windows 7 version. 

Here are the simple steps:

1) Click on your Start Menu and click on Control Panel. You can also type "homegroup" in the Start Menu's search box if you want.

2) In the Control Panel window, go to Network and Internet section and click "Choose homegroup and Sharing Options" when you are viewing the Control Panel in "Category" view.

Note: You can also find the Choose homegroup and sharing options in Network and Sharing Center window when you are viewing the Control Panel in "Large or Small Icon" view.

Control Panel




3) If you have never created a homegroup before, you will see this window "Share with other home computers running Windows 7". Click "Create a homegroup button".


Share with other home computers running Windows 7


Here are 3 things to Make Note of:

a) If a homegroup already exists on your home network, you'll be prompted to join it instead of being asked to creat a new one.

b) If your network location type is set to "Public" you will be prompted to change your location to "Home". Only location type "Home" will work with the creation of a "Homegroup". In this case a new window will popup like this one shown below here. If you wish to continue to create a "Homegroup" you will need to change your location by clicking on "What is a network location?" before continuing with this tutorial.

This computer can't connect to a homegroup


c) Click on "Home Network". At this point you will be prompted to create a homegroup too.

 Set Network Location type Windows 7


4) If you also want to also share your documents on your home network be sure to place a check mark in the box next to "Documents". Choose the sharing options and click "Next".


 Create a Homegroup Windows 7


5) In few moments (it may take a minute or so) your system will create your homegroup.

6) After your homegroup has been created, the system will give you a password that you need to give out to other computer users on your home network, who you want to join your homegroup. Write it down, keep it in a safe place and share it with those people and computers who will be joining your homegroup.

7) One last thing: Be sure to remember to click on "Finish" after writing down the password.